Kevin M Gibbons
Development Professional – Multimedia Storyteller – All-Around Nice Guy

(The images and captions below tell a short story.)

Ugandan fishing village of Kasekulo from the water.

About Me


I see my life as one of service. After undergraduate I served for three years in the US Peace Corps in the Philippines, where I learned about community development, grassroots organizing, and humble and optimistic determination. Since then I've tried to keep up that interest in serving as a resource to help people to achieve their goals.


I'm originally from Tampa, Florida USA. I have a BS in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Tulane University and an MS in Conservation Biology & Sustainable Development from University of Wisconsin-Madison, plus additional PhD coursework in Geography. I'm married to the intelligent, talented, and exceedingly patient Nancy Rydberg.

Local fisherman gives us a ride from the ferry to shore.


My main work right now is to build and develop two non-profit organizations: Health Access Connect and Pie in the Sky Foundation. My partners and I have been working on them to help people in remote communities in Uganda.

The two concepts are a) implement innovative solutions to help people in remote communities gain access to healthcare, and b) raise money for microgrants for Ugandan social entrepreneurs. These ideas came from my experience working with people in fishing communities on Lake Victoria and from partners and friends in Uganda and the US. Click on the links to find out more.

The Kasekulo welcoming committee loves greeting new arrivals.


Stories are how we make sense of the world. I enjoy writing, public storytelling, taking photos, and making videos.

Take a look at some of the examples below.

With my friend "Mpola Mpola" we quickly get down to business: chickens and motorcycles.


I like designing websites. I have developed websites for organizations that I work for and ones that I was affiliated with in some way. I enjoy the challenge of designing a website that a) will present a clear, concise picture of what people want to communicate and b) will continue to be used and edited, even by people who don't consider themselves "tech savvy."

I am well-versed in Wordpress and Twitter Bootstrap. Wordpress allows me to develop dynamic, multifunctional websites that are easy for many people to use. Twitter Bootstrap is a great tool for adding elegant features and assuring that the site works on smartphones and tablets.

We meet with a community group to discuss their chicken project that will support orphans and vulnerable children, a community grant project of Pie in the Sky Foundation.

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Michael is one of the motorcycle riders who will be delivering anti-retroviral medication for people living with HIV, part of the Medicycles program of Health Access Connect.
This visit to Kasekulo is a good example of what I do. Visit Pie in the Sky Foundation, Health Access Connect, and email me to find out more.